All it takes is one volunteer and before you know it, there will be a group of dedicated volunteers doing what PTA does best; providing resources and programs to all families. 

PTA brings the voice of millions, not just the parents from one school. Many of the benefits our children receive today such as kindergarten, school lunches and a juvenile justice system, are the result of PTA's work over its more than 117-year history.​

The strength of the PTA is not limited to our massive number of members, but the fact we speak with one voice for every child.  


Council Officers

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A Message from

the Council President

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President: Shirrell Williams

Vice President #1: Debbie Sivret

Vice President #2:: Paula  Jarrell

Secretary: Safira Vinson

Treasurer:  Noddia  Suddreth Brunson

​​Our Mission

The council is powered 100% by member volunteers. 

The 2018-19 elected officers are as follows:

Couldn't make it to our last

Full Council Meeting?

If you desire to be a part of a mission that is committed to honoring the past and working passionately to help provide for the future of those to come, contribute your time, monies and resources to Guilford County Council of PTAs. Please contact us now at president@guilfordcountypta.orgto join your voice with ours.




Our mission at Guilford County Council of PTAs is making every child's potential a realty. We are a powerful voice for all children. GCC of PTAs strives to serve as a relevant resource for families, communities and schools. Most importantly, we are a strong and dedicated advocate for the education and well-being of every child.