The Guilford County Council of PTAs provides inspiration, information and instruction for the local PTA member units and the community in which we serve. We are at the center of the communication network which consists of National PTA, NCPTA, local units, school board, state and district superintendent, administration, parents, businesses and children. Through county council programs, meetings, emails, newsletters and media, we can instruct, challenge and influence these groups to action promoting welfare of children and youth.

PTA membership is open to anyone who cares about children. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, student, neighbor, business owner or community leader, you can be part of one of the largest grassroots organizations in the United States.

Did You Know...

​In general, the county council is able to provide services to local units and address needs which are beyond the scope of a single PTA unit.

In a council there is local PTA unit membership only. Each local unit is represented by delegates who participate in council activities as representatives of their local unit. Bylaws defines who will be the delegates to represent their local PTA unit. Typically, the president is a delegate, along with another designee from the local unit. Membership to GCC of PTAs is defined in state and council bylaws. 

What is a PTA Council?

Guilford County Council of PTAs represents nearly 94 committed local member units. Membership to the GCC of PTAs is open to any local PTA unit in Guilford County.

The PTA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. If your school does not have a local PTA, you can help start one. Just think how much family involvement will increase when you get all the resources of PTA behind you.  Visit to learn more about the work of America's largest child advocacy organization,