GCC of PTA’s Awards Celebration

                                               May 17th @ 6PM – Page High School


                                                                 WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO WRITE AWARDS FOR PTA MEMBERS?

There are many different factors that motivate individuals. A few include the ability to contribute and the power to be recognized! Individuals who feel good about their abilities and their contributions to a school or organization are more likely to be happy, content and motivated. When people are recognized for their efforts, they will also continue in their desire to excel. It is also a way to unify your PTA, staff, and administration. It brings school spirit and enthusiasm in making positive changes for your students, school, and community.



                                                                                      GUIDELINES FOR WRITING AWARDS

  • Find a few volunteers to over-see the awards, but that does not mean they must write every single award. It’s a joint effort between the entire PTA board.
  • Set a goal to write at least 3-5 awards per PTA.
  • The awards committee will ask for nominations.
  • As a PTA board, vote for your nominations.
  • Contact each nominee to notify them of their recognition and have them write down a list of all they have done to assist the PTA this year. This will allow you to have a full description of what they have done to help your local PTA. Remember that PTA awards should describe what your nominees have done to support your school’s PTA, which is different than what they have done for the school over-all.
  • Split up the awards amongst the board. Try to find writers that may know that particular nominee best.
  • Submit all awards via online to mdkmjsivret@earthlink.net .

                           Awards Instructions

Awards Entry Form

The awards deadline is extended to Tuesday May 1st please submit by email to Debbie Sivret at mdkmjsivret@earthlink.net

"ALL INVITED to the awards celebration regardless if you submitted any awards nominees!"