Happy New Year!! 

We are having an amazing PTA year so far. We have added more PTA schools in the 1st 2 quarters of the school year then we have in several years. We are nearing 50% of the schools in the county as PTA schools. This way outshines our initial goals and I am so very proud of The GCC of PTAs board who have worked tirelessly to bring The PTA message back to the forefront within our local unit community. I have personally had the opportunity to visit several PTA meetings and watch the operations and I am thoroughly impressed with the participation, knowledge, and commitment to our children. Going forward I anticipate even more growth to the PTA family and expect to impact the community and schools greatly.
We have partnered with Say Yes to Education and Guilford Parent Academy in an effort to make available resources to all Guilford County parents and students. Please stay tuned for meetings and events planned to not only bring our community, schools and the business community together but also provide assistance in day to day life in Guilford County. We are committed to the success of our families in Guilford county and even more importantly the success of our children.


So let's not waste this opportunity. Let's Unite and "Soar  To Greatness" together. Let's create a Council of PTAs to envy. Let's be leaders in The State while making some noise Nationally. Let's do all of this for one reason and one reason only. To give "EVERY CHILD. ONE VOICE" and let's make it a voice to be heard.

It means a lot to me that you took a few minutes of your time to read this message and I look forward to seeing, interacting and solving problems with you at our various meetings, training's and Full Council Meetings. Feel free to reach out to me ( with ideas and needs to start and strengthen the process of uniting and building.

Please check our website periodically for scheduled events.  Be sure to also join us on our Facebook page and in our new private Facebook Group!

And.....Let's give Every Child. One Voice.

Tye Green

Tye Green


Guilford County Council of PTAs