General Board Information

While presidents have specific powers delegated to them through bylaws and policies, the president's chief role is to help guide the board. The board of directors is the core team responsible for meeting your PTA’s goals and fulfilling PTA’s mission.

 A well-running, informed board makes a president’s job a lot easier and makes a PTA more effective.

Most boards have at least four officers; a president, a vice president, a treasurer and a secretary. Information about the basic roles of each of these officers is in your bylaws.

Your board may also contain chairs of standing committees, such as a membership chair, Reflections Chair, Legislation Chair, etc.

Check your unit’s bylaws to find out what structure you should have in place.

Together the entire board works as a team to reach your PTA’s goals. TIP: For a smooth running board, be sure to share this board section with your PTA’s board members.