Elementary K-2
1st* Mahi Bhati Dream   Claxton Elementary
Elementary 3-5
1st* Benjamin Levine Today Is A New Day   Jones Elementary
2nd Hanna Thigpen A Happy Life Is Within My Reach   Morehead Elementary
3rd Sai Srikarachari Gangadharm The Album Of Life   Summerfield Elementary
Honorable Mention Finley Harris Rise   General Greene
Honorable Mention Evelyn Hare Within Me   Summerfield Elementary
1st* Jessica Shafer Nostalgia For The Future   Northren Guilford High School
1st* Asia Smith A Hero's Journey   Weaver Academy
2nd Cameron Woody Kingdom   Weaver Academy
2nd Kennedy Talton Imagination   Weaver Academy
Elementary K-2
1st* Santiago Ameijenda Myself Within Reach   Jones Elementary
Elementary 3-5
1st* Isabella Dugarte Peace & Quiet   Irving Park Elementary
2nd Olivia Crite The Flying Dog   Summerfield Elementary
3rd Samantha Fields Reaching Out   General Greene Elementary
Honorable Mention Sai Srikarachari Gangadharni Love You Dad   Summerfield Elementary
Honorable Mention Margaret Tate Sunflowers   Summerfield Elementary
1st* Sophie Burgess Ordianry Is Extraordinary Northern Guilford Middle School
2nd Trisha Santanam Bridges   The Academy At Lincoln
2nd Press Lawson Both Sides Of The Tracks   Northern Guilford Middle School
3rd Ashley Robinson Reaching For The Sky   Southeast Middle School
1st* Laura Burton Global Connections   Page High School
2nd* Kara Yang Into The Clouds   Early College At Guilford
3rd Kayla Shakib Reaching For You Again   Page High School
Honorable Mention Daisy Nichols Starting Over   Weaver Academy
Honorable Mention Ella Nichols Magic   Weaver Academy
*Art was submitted to compete at the State Level
Elementary K-2
1st* Bailey Aceves Drawing Is Fun For Robots   General Greene Elementary
2nd Mathilda Perrill-Estoppey Chalk Board 1234567890   Lindley Elementary
3rd Lincoln Casey Drip Painting   Sternberger Elementary
Elementary 3-5
1st* Ziva B. Dowd Searching For Peace   Morehead Elementary
2nd* Makena Cranor A Better World Is Within Reach   General Greene Elementary
3rd Sai Srikarachari Gangadharni The Trait In You That Knows No Bounds  Summerfield Elementary
Middle School
1st* Sophia Donato Within Reach   Northern Guilford Middle
1st* Rin Rlayang Within Reach - Missing   Page High School
2nd* Melina Kenyon Within Reach   Page High School
3rd Yaylin Plata Page High School - Within Reach   Page High School
1st* Kayla Clay Rise Up and Reach   General Greene
2nd Joshua Wescott-Hickman FAMILY (Family Appreciating Moments In Life Yearly)   General Greene
3rd Marika Mllynarsky Reaching My Goal   Summerfield
3rd Hanna Thigpen A Happy Life Is Within My Reach   Morehead Elementary
Honorable Mention Sai Srikarachari Gangadharni Dance Within My Reach   Summerfield Elementary
1st* McKenzie Moore River Flows In You   Northern Guilford
1st* Dasia Amos Suddenly Things Fall Apart   Weaver Academy
1st* Macy Alday Help Me Out   Weaver Academy
2nd Bella Villa Noise Above Our Heads   Weaver Academy
2nd Cassidy Fields Wishes   Weaver Academy
3rd Makaela Beckman Understanding   Northern High
Honorable Mention Lauren Willoughby Throw Kindness Like Confetti   Northern High
Honorable Mention Emma Ray Resillience   Northern High
Honorable Mention Celie Anderson The End   Northern High
Elementary K-2
1st* Zar Odu Does Flash Reach Dash?   Summerfield Elem
2nd Ruby Revell Nice People   Lindley Elementary
2nd Amber Miller Within Reach   Lindley Elementary
3rd Hunter Haseltine Within Reach   Lindley Elementary
Elementary 3-5
1st* Sarah Ling The Stars That I Can Reach   Summerfield Elem
2nd Claire Slate Jump Higher   Jones Elementary
2nd Benjamin Ward Within Reach   Lindley Elementary
3rd Mary Catherine McVey Reaching For Dreams   Irving Park
3rd Dalia Zimmerman Levyi Time Travel Surprise   Claxton Elem
1st* Ashley Robinson Reaching My Dream   Southeast Guilford
2nd Savannah Dowtin Where Dreams Come True   Academy At Lincoln
3rd Kezia Smith Destruction Yet Hope   Northern Guilford
1st* Kennedy Talton An Old Friend   Weaver Academy
2nd* Miranda Schorr What Was   Weaver Academy
3rd Maguette Seye Soon   Weaver Academy
Special Artist 1st Jaheim Spinks Guitar*   Morehead Elementary
Special Artist 1st Udita Jain Wastage Free Earth Within Reach   Southwest Guilford
Elementary K-2
1st* Oliver Fifeld-Beckham Tree Towards The Sun   Morehead Elementary
2nd Coleman Bunn Creative City   Summerfield Elementary
3rd Samit Sinha GOOD Triumphs Over EVIL!   Summerfield Elementary
Honorable Mention Ainsley Korson Good vs Bad Southwest Guilford Elementary
Honorable Mention Carson Geer The Scary Snake   Sternberger Elementary
Honorable Mention Griffin Powers Work With The Time of Life   Southwest Guilford Elementary
Honorable Mention Loren Belz Fashion Is In My Reach   Claxton Elementary
Honorable Mention Sofia Ponzi Golden Tree   Southwest Guilford Elementary
Honorable Mention Lillian Hoffman Life Within Reach   Southwest Guilford Elementary
1st* Gloria Eban Reaching The Inner Work   Irving Park
2nd Emily Henley Education Is An Arms Length Away   Claxton Elementary
2nd Emma Van Zandt Always Reach For Colors In Life   General Greene
2nd Anna Sopcik Swimming With Dolphins   Irving Park
3rd Jonathan McCollum Reach For Greatness   Southwest Guilford Elementary
3rd Nyla Gainey Dreams Are Within Reach   General Greene
3rd Madelyn Sell Sticking The Landing   Summerfield Elementary
Honorable Mention Anya Linett Try Hard And Don't Give Up   Claxton Elementary
Honorable Mention Camden Lofters Gold Overboard!   Jesse Wharton Elementary
Honorable Mention Madelyn Sell Sticking The Landing   Summerfield Elementary
Honorable Mention Lily Smith Within Reach For Everyone   Claxton Elementary
1st* Mason Paccadolmi Reaching For Discovery   Southeast Middle
1st* Adrienne Woody Within Reach   Academy At Lincoln
2nd Soumya Pannala Monarchs on Perennial Flowers   Northern Guilford Middle
2nd Nana Agyemang-Badu Reaching For Peace   Southeast Middle
3rd Najat Ibrahim In His Hands   Academy At Lincoln
Honorable Mention Siena Green At My Fingertips   Southeast Middle
Honorable Mention Lillian McNeal Within The Palm Of My Hand   Northern Guilford Middle
1st* Jordan Birkner Armistice   Weaver Academy
2nd* Ava Moon Olson White Man's Burden   Weaver Academy
2nd Bahijah Fall Distractions   Weaver Academy
3rd Kaela Rochester A Ray of Hope   Northern Guilford
3rd Lila Sabek Stand Back & Live Free   Northern Guilford
3rd Melody Davis Gently   Grimsley
Honorable Mention Sreya Halder Under The Surface   Early College @ Guilford
Honorable Mention Caroline Brittain Potential   Northern Guilford
Honorable Mention Grace Schneider Reach Deep   Northern Guilford
Honorable Mention Claire Audilet The Party   Page High School






Leaders of organizations that fall within the requirements of this policy should contact the Office of Athletics and Driver's Education at ( to request access information to the online application.

The registration process includes submitting the following materials via an online form by Aug. 1 of each year or 30 days before any fundraising activities are planned to begin for the school year:

  • Signed and notarized Booster Club/Support Organization Agreement (principal's signature is required)
  • By-laws, charter or constitution of the organization (or other governing document)
  • A list of current officers and officers for the school year approval is sought (if different)
  • Phone numbers and addresses of all officers listed
  • Evidence of the tax identification number or employer ID number (EIN) – the school’s ID cannot be used
  • Evidence that the organization is a registered or unincorporated not-for-profit organization

Registered Non-Profit: Approval letter from state or federal tax authority (IRS or NC Dept. of Revenue) establishing non-profit status - or-
Unincorporated Non-Profit: Affidavit of Status as an Unincorporated Non-Profit

Additionally, each group must submit the following documentation to the principal and district Director of Athletics and Driver's Education by Oct. 15 of each school year:

Fundraising and expenditure plan for the upcoming school year, including all proposed activities planned for the fiscal year
Any changes or amendments to the plan should be submitted prior to the beginning of any fundraising efforts.

How Lucky Are You?

Did you know there are only eleven Council PTAs in our state? Other local unit PTAs have only the support of NCPTA in Raleigh and National PTA in Washington, D.C., but all Guilford County PTAs and PTSAs have experienced PTA volunteers to go to for questions, concerns, support, training and more!



  • Making things easier for local PTAs:
  • Nearby support only an email, phone call or visit away
  • Free Training and Leadership Development offered on relevant topics throughout the year close by
  • Grants available for parent involvement through S.P.I.C.E. (strengthening parent involvement in children’s education) grants– up to $1000
  • Reflections participation to inspire the creative in all your students
  • Male Involvement to help get your Dads excited about school
  • Community Reader Day offers a free toolkit and we get Readers for you
  • Partnership with ACC includes chance to win $1000 and a chance to win a mascot visit
  • Partnerships with Guilford County Schools and Guilford Parent Academy allows more support and communication
  • Communications on upcoming deadlines, dates and events
  • Legislative updates when budgets are being threatened and our children’s education is at stake
  • Monthly newsletters and more.