Proposed Slate of GCCPTAs’ Nominations


Kristi Bryson 

            Currently serving as President of the Guilford County Council of PTAs


Vice Presidents

Jacqui Hawkins

Currently serving as First Vice President of the Guilford County Council of PTAs

Jamal Page  

            Currently serving as President of Jamestown Elementary PTA    



Safira Vinson

            Currently serving as Secretary of Ronald McNair Elementary PTA



Shirrell Williams

            Currently serving as Treasurer of the Guilford County Council of PTAs

Voting will occur May 11 at 6 pm at Weaver Academy (during the awards ceremony)


How Lucky Are You?

Did you know there are only eleven Council PTAs in our state? Other local unit PTAs have only the support of NCPTA in Raleigh and National PTA in Washington, D.C., but all Guilford County PTAs and PTSAs have experienced PTA volunteers to go to for questions, concerns, support, training and more!



  • Making things easier for local PTAs:
  • Nearby support only an email, phone call or visit away
  • Free Training and Leadership Development offered on relevant topics throughout the year close by
  • Grants available for parent involvement through S.P.I.C.E. (strengthening parent involvement in children’s education) grants– up to $1000
  • Reflections participation to inspire the creative in all your students
  • Male Involvement to help get your Dads excited about school
  • Community Reader Day offers a free toolkit and we get Readers for you
  • Partnership with ACC includes chance to win $1000 and a chance to win a mascot visit
  • Partnerships with Guilford County Schools and Guilford Parent Academy allows more support and communication
  • Communications on upcoming deadlines, dates and events
  • Legislative updates when budgets are being threatened and our children’s education is at stake
  • Monthly newsletters and more.

2016-2017 Reflections State Winners

Special Artist Winners
Awards of Merit
Jay Valk, Claxton Elementary School, Greensboro

Dance Choreography Winners

3rd Place: Cassidy Fields, Weaver Education Center, Greensboro

Film Production Winners

Primary (K-2nd grade)
2nd Place: Lloyd Jenkins, John Van Lindley Elem. School, Greensboro

Intermediate (3rd-5th grade)
1st Place: Makena Cranor, General Greene Elem. School, Greensboro

2nd Place: Praveena Somasundaram, Early College at Guilford, Greensboro


Literature Winners

1st Place: Sanvi Korsapathy, The Academy at Lincoln, Greensboro


3rd Place: Navya Belavadi, Early College at Guilford, Greensboro


Music Composition Winners

Primary (K-2nd grade)
3rd Place: Elijah McNeill, General Greene Elem. School, Greensboro

1st Place: Asia Smith, Northern Guilford Middle School, Greensboro


Visual Arts Winners

1st Place: Maxwell Pedersen, Weaver Education Center, Greensboro

2nd Place: Joseph Nazario, Weaver Education Center, Greensboro