The secretary is responsible for keeping an accurate record of the proceedings of association meetings. These records are the permanent history of the PTA/PTSA.   Promptness and accuracy are key to this job.

The secretary also may be given the responsibility of maintaining all PTA/PTSA correspondence, including incoming and outgoing communications with members and notifications for all meetings. It is common for a local unit to designate these responsibilities to a corresponding secretary.

Prior to a meeting, the secretary:

--Sends an announcement of the meeting (date and time)

--Works with the president to create an agenda

--Sends out the agenda and any pertinent documents necessary prior to the meeting, including the draft of the minutes of the        previous meeting

At the meeting, the secretary:

--Takes attendance (by voice vote or sign-in sheet)

--Checks for quorum

--Presents the draft of the minutes of the previous meeting

--Takes minutes

--Counts votes

After the meeting, the secretary:

--Ensures the approved minutes are included in the permanent record of the association

--The secretary should have these items on hand at all meetings:

--Minutes of the previous meeting and pertinent attached reports

--List of unfinished business to be discussed


--Current bylaws and standing rules

--Current membership list

--List of committee chairs Materials for note/minute taking