Interested in volunteering?

We still have board and committee chair positions open!

Almost everything PTA does is accomplished through the work of parent volunteers. Recruiting and managing volunteers are therefore extremely important jobs in any PTA. It is no different with the Guilford County Council of PTAs.  All board and committee chairs are volunteers.  We work very hard to make sure that all of our children are supported.

If you are interested in one of the positions below please click the link to fill out the form and we will be sure to contact you.  We would love for you to come out and meet our current board so you can FEEL our vision.

Fund Development Chairperson - According to National and State PTA guidelines, monies should be raised to fund enrichment programs for students, parent education, and PTA leadership training. The chair will be responsible for coordinating the solicitation of corporate sponsors and small businesses as well as other community organizations and foundations to obtain donations, gifts, and grants for the council; develop corporate sponsor program(s) and refine solicitation letters; send thank you notes to corporate and other donors; works very closely with the council president and treasurer as needed.  Experience Needed: Ability to identify opportunities, being resourceful, dealing effectively with people and detailed follow-up. 
Minimum Time Commitment: 2 hours per month (outside of regularly scheduled meetings/events).

Audit Chairperson - Coordinate monthly financial bank reviews; conduct and complete annual financial review/audit at the end of the fiscal year and/or anytime the executive board or association requests; monitor deposits, withdrawals, check signatures/approvals, good banking practices, access to funds and any outstanding bills or debts owed.  Experience Needed: Able to perform basic accounting functions.  Minimum Time Commitment: 1 hour per month (outside of regularly scheduled meetings/events)

Male Involvement Chairperson - Educate dads, granddads, uncles and others on the importance of their involvement; increase male membership and engagement in schools and communities; work with schools and communities to provide programs that engage fathers and positive male figures in the educational and social development of children; develop male leaders who work with fathers and male role models to enhance positive male parenting and involvement with youth; act as a resource for families, communities and schools on fatherhood initiatives and issues; increase the visibility and outreach of the quality programming of the council.  Experience Needed: Have a desire to increase male involvement.  Minimum Time Commitment: 1 hour per month (outside of regularly scheduled meetings/events)

Nominating Chairperson - The purpose of this committee is to nominate a slate of officers for the coming year. How well the committee does its job will determine the future effectiveness of the unit/council. This is a committee that the current president and principal may not serve on, even as an ex-officio member.

Membership Committee Chairperson - The primary responsibility of the Membership Chair is to build an informed, active membership which is familiar with the mission, purposes, policies, and programs of the PTA and how it affects local concerns. Membership should be a year-round process targeting small businesses, corporate organizations, citizens of the community and other potential members. Experience Needed: Have a desire to increase membership. Minimum Time Commitment: 2 hours per month (outside of regularly scheduled meetings/events)

Communications Chairperson - Take photographs at all council programs/events and post to the website and social media; also include current photos in council newsletters when possible. All pictures and written documents are reviewed and approved by the President before publication and posting.  Also create press releases, signage for events. Experience Needed: Comfortable using social media and cameras. Minimum Time Commitment: 2 hours per month (outside regularly scheduled meetings/events)

Publicity Chairperson - Works with the committee to develop and implement a strategy that promotes awareness and participation in the GCC of PTAs throughout the year; promote community programs and resources; create and submit press releases to media; serve as the main media contact for event coverage/promotions; coordinate with president regarding the using of social media, PTA banners, announcements, flyers at community gatherings/sporting events/church bulletins/public service announcements; responsible for "day-of-event" signage; thank all media/press coverage that attend or promote events/programs with a personalized "Thank You" note as well as an invitation to the event the following year; assist with identifying and training your successor. Experience Needed: Organized, pro-active and detail-oriented.  Minimum Time Commitment: 40 hours for the year (outside of regularly scheduled meetings/events)

Volunteer Chairperson - Determine volunteer needs for the year; reach out to local PTAs and community asking if anyone is interested in assisting; make volunteers feel appreciated; develop a volunteer data to appropriately match volunteers with council needs (events, programs, and hospitality).
Experience Needed: Positive disposition. Minimum Time Commitment: 1 hour per month (outside of regularly scheduled meetings/events).

At -Large Representatives (Two): The member At-Large Representatives includes individuals who do not have children in a PTA school or have access to a local unit. Being an At-Large Representative gives concerned adults a way to continue to serve as advocates for children. Experience Needed: N/A. Minimum Time Commitment: Regularly scheduled meetings/events.

Diversity Chairperson - to provide leadership, support, and encouragement for local, council and district diversity and inclusion initiatives. Having a point of contact to provide guidance and assistance allows for cohesion and consistency of diversity initiatives. Some state and regional groups have decided to assign leadership roles for more specific diversity initiatives, such as a Male Engagement Chair or Special Needs Chair. These leaders can help PTA groups keep up with legislation, requirements, and opportunities affecting specific communities, as well as maintain outreach and assistance efforts.

Say Yes to Education Representative:  Say Yes to Education is a nonprofit that encourages communities to make the goal that every student in the public school system graduates high school; helps those students access, afford and complete a college or other post-secondary education. Also provides “wrap-around” services such as medical care and counseling to help students reach graduation. Serve as a primary communications link between the council and Say Yes to Education committee.  Experience Needed: Previous executive board council experience required. Minimum Time Commitment: TBD.

our council needs dedicated volunteers!