Guilford County School Bond Referendum

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        What is the school bond on the ballot this Fall?
A:        Guilford County has placed a bond on the ballot for voter approval to provide long-term funding to support our public school system. The bond measure is one of the last items on the ballot. Bond funding can only be used for its approved purpose.

Q:        What is the amount of this school bond?
A:        The school bond is in the amount of $300 million. The Guilford County Board of Education has identified a need for $2 billion to transform, renovate and repair Guilford   County school facilities. The $300 million bond on the ballot jumpstarts this      improvement process.

Q:        How will the bond funding be used?
A:        Money from the bond will be used to fund projects that have been identified as part of a   Facilities Master Plan to transform, remodel and rebuild public schools.

Q:        What does S.M.A.R.T stand for?
A:        S.M.A.R.T is an acronym for Safe, Modern, Accessible, Renovated, Tech-Ready schools. S.M.A.R.T is a reminder that the $300 million school bond is a starting point to address the fact that the majority of Guilford County school buildings are outdated and need to be transformed, remodeled or rebuilt. 

Q:        How will the bond be paid back?
A:        Guilford County has a Triple A bond rating, which means we can borrow the funds at a    very low interest rate and repay the money over many years. Bond financing is an    excellent way to support public infrastructure projects.

Q:        If the school bond passes, will it raise my property taxes?
A:        Based on growth patterns in Guilford County and other factors, there is not expected to  be an increase in county property taxes to pay for this bond. 

Q:        What is the Facilities Master Plan? Does it have my school in mind?
A:        The needs of every public school in Guilford County are addressed in the Facilities Master Plan. The Facilities Master Plan was commissioned jointly by the Guilford  County Board of Education and the Guilford County Commissioners. The process to  create the Facilities Master Plan included inspecting every single school in the county   and holding more than 90 meetings with parents, community members and national experts.

Q:        What projects will be undertaken with the $300 million bond?
A:        The $300 million bond will be used to address the needs of schools in the worst conditions, acquire land for new buildings, start priority repairs, implement technology upgrades, and improve school safety. The Facilities Master Plan addresses the needs of every school in Guilford County.

Q:        How do I find out if my school is getting any of this $300 million bond funding?
A:        Every school in Guilford County will be improved as part of the Facilities Master Plan.    The initial funding from the school bond will be used to address the most urgent needs           identified in the plan.

Q:        COVID-19 has changed the way my child learns. What portion of these funds will     go towards technology upgrades?
A:        The majority of our schools are not ready to support technology, online learning or           remote learning. Money from the bond will go towards sufficient bandwidth, network       security, digital devices, and      wireless classrooms upgrades.

Q:        I don’t have kids in Guilford County public schools. Why should I vote “yes” on the bond?
A:        An investment in our public schools is an investment in our community’s future. We        need to ensure equal access to educational opportunities, and we need to create a strong,    educated, capable workforce.

Q:        There is also a sales tax increase on the ballot too. Is it related to the school bond?
A:        The school bond and quarter cent sales tax will both provide financial support for our  public schools. The referendum for a 0.025¢ (quarter cent) sales tax increase is the last item on the ballot. The quarter cent sales tax will apply to all transactions in the county and the funds would be used to pay for costs related to projects in the Facilities Master Plan. 

S.M.A.R.T School Bond

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the school bond referendum that is on the ballot this fall in Guilford County.

This is a critical time for our public schools. Even though COVID-19 has altered the way our children are learning, the fact remains that our school facilities are falling apart.

The average of schools in Guilford County is 54 years old.

The majority of our schools are inefficient to operate, overcrowded, lack acceptable security and are not tech-ready for today’s learning.

We can no longer delay fixing them.

Our children and community need schools that are Safe, Modern, Accessible, Renovated and Tech-Ready.

The $300 million school bond jumpstarts the process to improve every school in Guilford County.

 Over the past four years, the school system and the county have worked together to create a Facilities Master Plan for our public schools.

 The master plan lays out the need for $2 billion to transform, remodel and rebuild every one of our schools.

The Facilities Master Plan also ensures that specialty school programs such as STEM, Arts and Early\Middle College options are accessible to children of all income levels and demographics.  

The initial $300 million bond will be used in a variety of ways, such as acquiring land for new schools, starting priority repairs, implementing technology upgrades and improving safety.

We have a clear roadmap of what needs to be done throughout the county.

We need you to VOTE YES for the school bond in this election.

 The bond is the 2nd to the last item on the ballot. Don’t forget to go all the way to the end of the ballot when you vote.

There is a lot of additional information about the school bond and the Facilities Master Plan at

 If anyone would like to get involved in the campaign to support our schools, there is a volunteer sign-up sheet on the website. I can also provide handouts and yard signs.

Thank you again for your interest.r paragraph here.